office babble

A girl walked by my office just now and said, “Sometimes I get pissed off at the law and I just throw it away!”  I’m not sure what it means, but it’s one of the better single lines of conversation I’ve heard since I’ve been in my fishbowl.

Working in this office is very strange.  I sit about 5 feet away from people walking by on the sidewalk, there’s no tinting on the windows or anything, and I can hear everyone’s conversations.  I hear people talking about me, like “What is she doing in there?  What is that place?”  The extraordinarily bold among the passersby will straight up put their faces against the glass and look in at me.  I’m practically a zoo exhibit of an office worker.  I can’t even pick my nose at my desk.  I can’t gaze out my window without making uncomfortable eye contact with half the people walking by.  A percentage of those people take the opportunity to come in and ask me one question or another.

It’s been the worst at night when I’m still here with the light on after it’s gotten dark out.  Yet another reason to hate the winter.  We’re slowly starting to come out of that (there was a sliver of light in the sky when I left to clear skies on Monday) but there’s still a bit of a trudge ahead.

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3 Responses to office babble

  1. Charlotte says:

    Are you allowed to put up curtains? Even sheer gauzy ones would help, I bet.

  2. Natalie says:

    I say you make a collage of those little baby screens for car windows. Pooh Bear interspersed with a grinning Garfield oughta do it.

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