Oh, whoops.  I forgot about blogging.  I’m not dead or anything, I’ve just been very boring.  Apparently, the entire series of Roseanne being on Netflix Instant isn’t good for my recreational internet time and/or thoughtful introspection.  Also, general business and busy-ness keeps me out of here.  Excuses!  Only the most productive use of your time (you can thank me later).

We’ve been listening to old R&B and soul love songs and hanging out at home a lot, due mostly to Operation: Save All The Money and O’s grueling 7-day schedule.  The Bradford Pears exploded this week, but I’m too resigned to really hate them this year.  It’s the circle of life and this is the arc of the circle when I can’t really breathe comfortably and my throat routinely fills up with snot.  Ho hum, right?

Anyway, life could be summed up thusly:

It’s off to Atlanta tomorrow morning, for a slightly whirlwind but utterly necessary mini-vacation.  I predict an NBA game and walking around exotic locales (the Coke factory?).  I’m just looking forward to exposure to new and exciting allergens.  My adventurous nature never ceases to amaze, I’m sure.

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4 Responses to Whoops

  1. fourthrow says:

    my nose started itching this week and i thought
    “there must be a cat.”
    and then i remembered that spring is creeping in.

  2. JJ says:

    When your throat is no longer filled with snot let’s fill it with wine.

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