I’m going on Saturday to help my parents move some furniture into their new home-away in Blue Grass, VA.  It’s supposed to be cold and rainy, but I’m not opposed to trudging in the sludge if necessary.  I’ve been working on a blanket for them on and off since January and I’m 5/6 of the way done with it.  When I bought the yarn, they only wound 5 of the 6 skeins I got, just in case I wanted to return one, despite my telling them that it was a blanket and the more yarn, the better (for those of you who care, it is Cascade Eco Duo 1704).   But it worked out for the best, because when I saw my parents at the beach a few weeks ago, they gifted me with this wonderful new swift:

So I was able to use it to wind the last skein of yarn that I’m using for their blanket.  It feels good to complete the cycle.  I was hoping to bust ass and get it done before going up there, but it needs to be blocked and I’m not even done knitting yet, so I might try to finish it while I’m there this weekend and leave it to block so it’s ready for the next time they go.   It’s big enough now that I can sit under it while I knit and that is one of the best feelings.  Oh, comfort.

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