Sweater alert!

Oh, there are a lot of updates, but I’m racing my computer to dying (I’m winning), so I’ll keep it to the most important thing:  I’m knitting a new sweater.  I haven’t knit a sweater since last year’s and that was such a huge undertaking.  This one is a little more manageable, but still really beautiful.  I’ve kind of been tracking my progress on tumblr.  And having a project at home, that is positive and fun and productive, that will make me proud and happy, is very valuable.  So yes, I will admit it.

My name is Alison and I am a hobbyist.  I like to tinker.  I like to stay up too late doing math about how long my arms are.  They’re proportionally too long for my body, but luckily still a normal length for human arms.  I also like to read ahead on instructions, over and over even after I’ve memorized them.  I like to follow rules but then break them for positive purposes, and then only when I know what I’m doing enough to ensure success (and this is still almost exclusively applicable to my knitting; I love rules in general and am easily governed).

Also it’s allergy season and I have a stack of hats about 10 deep I need to make a plan for.

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1 Response to Sweater alert!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Craps. I keep forgetting about Tumblr. That’s where you’ve been hiding! I’m so excited about another A.P. sweater. Also, I think Walter Matthau had arms that were a little bit too long for his body and he was one of the most adorable men ever.

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