happy hunting

So, over two months since my last unemployment entry, I’m still without a job.  Yiiiiikes.  It’s pretty nerve wracking.  I have been trying to do more writing on paper and just recording all the (sometimes very intense) things I’ve been going through.  You know what it’s like to doubt something that’s been insisted on you for years, like your employability and the impressiveness of your resume?  I do.  So the ol’ mental state has been pretty wonkety.  But despite all that, today and this week in general have been great.

Since the only people still reading this blog even in spite of its slow-ass pace already know that I love spring, I won’t even go into that.  I went out for a long walk today followed by a long sit&knit, said “Take a shower! You stink!” out loud to the Bradford Pears and got a couple of books from the library.  I probably won’t finish the books before they’re due because, like everything else about me, my reading pace is s-l-o-w.  And the warm weather gives me a chance to circulate all the air in the house, get some staleness out and some fresh vibes in.

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  1. Natalie says:

    What did you get from the library? Also – not to take away from you going to the berry, but let me know if you want free books (and recommendations). I have so many piled up next to my desk. It is THE perk of my job. I wish we could all get together again for one major jammer/kickball game at the Sunken Gardens this spring.

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