I did it

I did it.  I managed to do that thing that happens when you don’t and can’t update your blog.  You wait too long and then you look and it’s been too long, so you wait some more time, and all the while the things that are meaningful to document have passed, and then more time has passed, and then you live in and decorate your apartment for a year and a half, you get married and honeymoon, you pass holidays and birthdays and major life events like getting a great job, and your blog sits there unupdated.

With the pressures of actual real life events, I neglected what is a very real and very useful pressure valve.  What am I worried about?  That my audience of 2-4 people will be upset that I haven’t updated them on my favorite song from the AC Newman album that came out in October?  Sorry if you were waiting on that.

Another thing that has kept me from updating is that apparently this space has morphed into a repository for unkept promises to myself.  Can you believe I still haven’t started an etsy store?  Shameful.  I did a workplace craft fair and actually sold a good amount of stuff before the holidays, so I haven’t been stagnant, but still.  Still!

But one thing I’ve never been bad at is forgiving myself for not doing things.  When it’s time for me to do something it will happen, but it will certainly not happen before that time.  That has been true for everything forever.

Anyway, I have not forgotten.

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