Sometimes it’s impossible to tell if I’m less funny now than I was when I was in college or if my standards have outgrown my ability.  I certainly write a whole lot fewer open letters to corporations.  I am certainly a whole lot bigger a fan of the Delete key.  

I’ve been thinking about writing a lot more, here especially because of its relatively small following and also because of its insistence on my writing real words from my real self instead of just picking and plunking whatever garbage I see.  O mentioned that maybe I should start trying harder at comedy writing.  I do love it.  I can be good at it.

Do I think the world needs any more comedy blog writers?  No.  Oh my god, not at all.  Do I think that sitting alone on my couch knitting and watching way too many hours of television without even really paying attention to it gives me any unique perspective on the world?  Give me a damn break.  Do I think that my actual skills coupled with anything to write about would result in something fun to read?  Yes, actually.

So, as anyone would advise me to do, I will just keep writing a bunch of bullshit every day until that bullshit turns to bullgold.

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