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Books vs. Movies, pt. 2

A couple of weeks ago, I bought Hope Larson’s A Wrinkle In Time graphic novel, a purchase which was spurred by my intense love for the original. My propensity for revisiting favorite media over and over didn’t start with Netflix’s enabling … Continue reading

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Books vs. Movies, pt. 1

In our house, we have an ongoing, years-long discussion happening about whether books or movies are better.  O is vehemently pro-movie and mildly anti-book.  I am vehemently pro-book and mildly pro-movie.  There are plenty of movies which are great representations … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s impossible to tell if I’m less funny now than I was when I was in college or if my standards have outgrown my ability.  I certainly write a whole lot fewer open letters to corporations.  I am certainly … Continue reading

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I did it

I did it.  I managed to do that thing that happens when you don’t and can’t update your blog.  You wait too long and then you look and it’s been too long, so you wait some more time, and all … Continue reading

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It’s been a while – a long while – since I updated.  Since the last thing, I have gotten married, gone on a honeymoon, gotten a permanent job, and turned 29.  Those are just the big things.  There are literally … Continue reading

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happy hunting

So, over two months since my last unemployment entry, I’m still without a job.  Yiiiiikes.  It’s pretty nerve wracking.  I have been trying to do more writing on paper and just recording all the (sometimes very intense) things I’ve been … Continue reading

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I’ve been wanting to write a lot – like pages and pages and pages – but I also feel like I have nothing to say.  That’s a problem.  So the new goal is to try to find something new to … Continue reading

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I made a tumblr a little while ago, because apparently that’s something people do and lord knows I have too much to say for this blog alone. (That’s clearly a joke. I know I’ve been negligent.) Anyway, it’s, and … Continue reading

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Skip the Hippie built a boat inside of a house

Skip the Hippie used to live in this house. It’s on a property on the west side of Lantz Mountain in Virginia that is owned by some people who live in California.  Skip built a sailboat inside of the house. … Continue reading

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shoulda never gave me technology

I got an iPhone so now I can just write whatever the hell my gut tells me to. You’re in for some garbage.

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