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Skip the Hippie built a boat inside of a house

Skip the Hippie used to live in this house. It’s on a property on the west side of Lantz Mountain in Virginia that is owned by some people who live in California.  Skip built a sailboat inside of the house. … Continue reading

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Here’s one

I took a couple of photo booth photos of my sweater just to have something to show you guys (I’m even getting bored of myself here).  Here’s one: And you can find the rest here.  Maybe one day (maybe a … Continue reading

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That’s it.  The Regulator has won my loyalty for life (or however long I live in the triangle).  I went there today to pick up the July/August music issue of The Believer and wound up also buying a knitting book … Continue reading

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thanks, guys

So a couple of weeks ago, Kathryn shared this video on google reader: It’s rare that a video comes along that so closely aligns with my interests.  Those interests being: Strong female lead singers Dancing literally the way that I … Continue reading

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blankets in april

Today was stormy and gray and chilly.  I was honest when I said I wanted to read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories this summer.  All of them.  I think I recruited company in my endeavor this evening.  It can … Continue reading

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You may have heard in conversation that Osiris and I have been watching all of the Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes movies.  They’re incredible.  We have to watch each one twice because they speak low and all of the characters … Continue reading

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i hope you’re ready

I am completely ready.

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other people’s work

i saw this earlier today somewhere on google reader, and it is actually the best and coolest thing.  this girl (kristen shirts) hand embroiders each panel of this comic, photographs it and then puts it on the internet, for free, … Continue reading

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here is a handsome man’s instructional video on how to dance at a rave: good mood:  temporary springtime! and feeling revolutionary.

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pride. oh, and glory.

here is a thing and it is a thing that i have made.  i am responsible for its life – form and function! i am also responsible for the food in my teeth, my luscious locks and this very very … Continue reading

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