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Who even knows

Whew.  You know what’s annoying?  Apartment hunting.  And having to be an adult with all the ambition and progress that comes along with it.  Overall, it’s been a struggle to fully invest and just give in to being an adult … Continue reading

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some things just stick in your mind

Case in point: Straight up gave me chills.  Also, I’m pretty sure the moral of winter is, “Life finds a way.”  Take that with you where you go.

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thanks, guys

So a couple of weeks ago, Kathryn shared this video on google reader: It’s rare that a video comes along that so closely aligns with my interests.  Those interests being: Strong female lead singers Dancing literally the way that I … Continue reading

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It’s a Sunday and I’m not seat belted into my car.  I will not shower.  I may not leave the couch.  Or maybe I will leave the couch and walk to the yarn store.  Maybe I won’t!  It’s a novel … Continue reading

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oh, my

I normally really hate April Fool’s Day.  I don’t have the right mindset for pranks and I usually find them remarkably less than funny.  I was very resistant to last year’s blog prank, which turned out to be the correct … Continue reading

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it’s late

But sometimes, you just have to take your own advice, no matter how difficult that may be. Today, I carved my advice into a park bench.  If I get arrested for vandalism, at least I know I did myself a … Continue reading

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this is me threatening to punch the snow in its face this morning.  it’s about halfway gone now, so maybe it got the hint.  i will look forward to this coming weekend and may try to organize a daylight savings … Continue reading

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north carolina

i am in a grumpy mood because of the snow.  it’s not the worst thing that could have me in a grumpy mood but it just doesn’t seem necessary.  it is march.  i made myself a very potent cup of … Continue reading

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you tell me

how do you spend your sunday afternoons?

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oh my god

new car time!!!!  HOLY CRAP.  i’m still kind of shaky, 3 hours later, with adrenaline and nerves and excitement.  i need to slow my roll before i speed my roll all over town. oh my god, guys, you have no … Continue reading

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