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It’s happening!  Allergies this year have been less severe than in recent years past.  I don’t know why that is.  Maybe I’m evolving?  That’s probably it.  I’m evolving into a superhuman. So upward I look! Are there more of my … Continue reading

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Oh, whoops.  I forgot about blogging.  I’m not dead or anything, I’ve just been very boring.  Apparently, the entire series of Roseanne being on Netflix Instant isn’t good for my recreational internet time and/or thoughtful introspection.  Also, general business and … Continue reading

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I got a wicked coffee buzz this morning.  That almost never happens anymore.  I feel kind of manic and I really just want to smile at people so wide-eyed and crazy that they walk away from me, embarrassed. Kidding.  I … Continue reading

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stuff ‘n’ stuffin’

Hey guys.  I got a pea head. The weather has been offensively shitty lately.  Not lately, I mean for the last 4 months.  It is sincerely stressing my new-found inner strength and creative motivation.  Plus I’ve had moderate to severe … Continue reading

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april fool

I’m typing this for Osiris.  He hurts. Worst April Fool’s Day Ever.  I hate doctors even if they’re hot.  I still don’t like medicine even if I don’t hurt.  Hot doctors are hot. This morning, being Best Boyfriend Ever, I … Continue reading

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This past weekend Osiris and I went to Norfolk to hang out for a couple days.  We got in on Friday night, just before halftime of the UNC/Gonzaga game.  We wound up going to San Antonio Sam’s on Colley just … Continue reading

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Osiris found out this weekend that he has Celiac Disease and has to avoid gluten from now on.  It explains a lot, including the intolerance to beer that we already knew about and the exhaustion after every meal.  Sucks, but … Continue reading

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something to tell you

i haven’t been taking many photos lately.  no surprise there.  it’s been nice weather the last few days, but the only things flowering are bradford pears and i am suddenly and dramatically allergic to them.  growing up, i was a … Continue reading

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today was (is) actually beautiful.  i love the first warm (hot) day of the year.  unfortunately, i was a little unprepared this morning for my 4 mile walk around town and got my first awkward sunburn of the year. my … Continue reading

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on the junk tip:  winter will not go away. i knew a couple weeks ago when we had that week of weather in the 70s that it wasn’t here to stay, but i am so totally and completely over the … Continue reading

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