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I’m going on Saturday to help my parents move some furniture into their new home-away in Blue Grass, VA.  It’s supposed to be cold and rainy, but I’m not opposed to trudging in the sludge if necessary.  I’ve been working … Continue reading

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It’s happening!  Allergies this year have been less severe than in recent years past.  I don’t know why that is.  Maybe I’m evolving?  That’s probably it.  I’m evolving into a superhuman. So upward I look! Are there more of my … Continue reading

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independence day

These two jokers: And other jokers, finally using the charcoal grill on our patio after 3 years, fisheye lenses, setting little fireworks off in the driveway (Purple Rain and the Whistling Gator), chasing big fireworks around campus, drinks and laughs … Continue reading

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We’re going to see The New Pornographers, The Dodos, and The Dutchess & The Duke at Memorial Hall tonight, courtesy of the Mister.  There are a couple of worthwhile birthdays happening this weekend.  The USA plays to advance in the … Continue reading

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I haven’t been blogging much (duh).  It’s been a weird couple of weeks.  The long Memorial Day weekend was an exercise in frustration, communication and timing errors.  But in hindsight it was a learning experience, and largely fun anyway.  That’s … Continue reading

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It’s a Sunday and I’m not seat belted into my car.  I will not shower.  I may not leave the couch.  Or maybe I will leave the couch and walk to the yarn store.  Maybe I won’t!  It’s a novel … Continue reading

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Things: Lyle bought a new television last week.  It is 42″ of plasma extremity.  I’m pretty cool with that.  What I’m not cool with is this giant television which wound up in the kitchen due to what I suppose is … Continue reading

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one word, sometimes


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things happening

This weekend was a flurry of activity!  Since it was the only weekend in April we weren’t going on some whirlwind trip, I went ahead and overbooked myself for activities on Saturday.  There was house-painting with Habitat for Humanity and … Continue reading

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After leaving Baltimore later than planned because I was gettin’ all up on some eggs with AEB, O and W, I went down to the Cheazy-Peaz to spend Easter with my parents and assorted friends and extended family. My parents, … Continue reading

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