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a party, whether in town or out of town, deserves documentation and recognition. it is fundamental. it is what we all deserve.

for o

Osiris has been working and schooling awfully hard lately, so I found him this video for Double Dutch Bus that was produced exclusively for Dutch TV because apparently this song is a HIT in Holland.  I mean, of course it … Continue reading

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Oh my.  Last night was awesome.  A lot of people showed up, thanks mainly to O’s efforts, and we even had cake (lemon and coconut from Southern Season)!  In the process of getting nicely liquored up and celebrating mightily, I … Continue reading

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oh happy

I lived through the night to reach 27.  Now I just have to live through the next few nights and I’ll be reunited with my family to recreate this moment: Erich’s socks, Nathan’s moose antlers, and my tongue are all … Continue reading

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think about this

Two days to birthday, four to vacation.  Ah-WOOOOO.

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oh, but

On the bright side, Mika uploaded photos from the 4th of July!  Here is one that showcases my seriously, mysteriously and totally muscular arms and Mattie’s sweet dance moves: I promise I’m not secretly working out to participate in any … Continue reading

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independence day

These two jokers: And other jokers, finally using the charcoal grill on our patio after 3 years, fisheye lenses, setting little fireworks off in the driveway (Purple Rain and the Whistling Gator), chasing big fireworks around campus, drinks and laughs … Continue reading

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Christmas was a success overall.  Despite the completely failed yo-yo experiment, gift-giving and -receiving was positive, fruitful and fun.  General festivities and family time were high-spirited and hilarious.  I laughed a lot, to the point of tears and almost spitting … Continue reading

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O and I watched a Joe Strummer documentary on the television this morning.  It led to downloading the Mescaleros albums and rekindling my love affair with this song: It’s a classic good times songs, and serves the dual purpose of … Continue reading

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I’m watching Everything is Illuminated for the first time.  I love it!  I am also knitting a short scarf which is a really really beautiful greenish blue version of this one: I ran into one Mr. Matt N. from back … Continue reading

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sleeep it off

I turned 26 yesterday!  This week has been pretty filled with friends and demi-adventures.  We went to a White Sox game 3 days before one of their pitchers threw a perfect game.  We got terrible directions basically all over Chicago.  … Continue reading

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