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I’m going to DC this weekend to visit with my boo and my bro.  We’re doing a bunch of DC shit and I anticipate fun. In the meantime, in human garbage news, Bridalplasty is a show that is going to … Continue reading

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bury this post

I just wanted to make the following note to remind myself not to relive yesterday: low resources + low blood sugar + high barometric pressure = acting like the crankiest little baby Yuck.  Loving shout outs to O, who bought … Continue reading

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I know as well as anyone that it’s hard to keep a good attitude when it’s been >90˚ with no significant rain for something like 17 days in a row, but man.  People have just been acting bitchy.  I know … Continue reading

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a good night

I feel full.  And I need to wash this sweat off my face.

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how is yours looking?: part 2

Pathetic.  (again, click it to make it big) But as sad as that is, this is even sadder: The mascot bracket is beating me!  That is, a “who would win in a fight?” challenge, wherein the Duke Blue Devils were … Continue reading

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osiris is in new york for a few days, taking sabbatical after a long, crazy, stressful christmas season in retail.  i have had my fill of days off for a couple of weeks, until our jaunt across the country on … Continue reading

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oh winter

i think i’ve had too much time off work.  the time at home alone, normally so coveted, is starting to get to me.  so while i sit here going crazy and getting my time line all messed up, i need … Continue reading

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ugly house update: update

behold spy-cam photo taken from conspicuously parked car in front of the ugly house, driver’s side door open, driver hanging out of the door sneaking poorly exposed and grainy photos: left to right:  white single strand, light-up candy cane, colored … Continue reading

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ugly house update

ugly christmas decorations!!! if it’s not raining this evening i will walk down there and take a picture.  it is simply magnificent.

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good evening, ladies

“go download me a hoagie off the internet”

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