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for o

Osiris has been working and schooling awfully hard lately, so I found him this video for Double Dutch Bus that was produced exclusively for Dutch TV because apparently this song is a HIT in Holland.  I mean, of course it … Continue reading

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don’t hate

We spent this afternoon eating tacos and floats, getting comics, shopping vintage and being together.  It was a day full of things I love, and I still let my mood be crappy.  I got mad at the city of Raleigh … Continue reading

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april fool

I’m typing this for Osiris.  He hurts. Worst April Fool’s Day Ever.  I hate doctors even if they’re hot.  I still don’t like medicine even if I don’t hurt.  Hot doctors are hot. This morning, being Best Boyfriend Ever, I … Continue reading

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Lazy eyed you! In case you were concerned, this photo was taken pre-speaker thumping.  It may be a long shot, but wouldn’t it be sweet if the blow to the head actually corrected my slightly lazy eye?  Or maybe I’ll … Continue reading

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