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It’s been a while – a long while – since I updated.  Since the last thing, I have gotten married, gone on a honeymoon, gotten a permanent job, and turned 29.  Those are just the big things.  There are literally … Continue reading

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helpless mess

Winter can suck it.  I hate it.  I feel like there aren’t enough daytime hours to think all of my thoughts so they just get clogged up around my brain stem and only like one action for every 3 thoughts … Continue reading

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Here’s one

I took a couple of photo booth photos of my sweater just to have something to show you guys (I’m even getting bored of myself here).  Here’s one: And you can find the rest here.  Maybe one day (maybe a … Continue reading

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my mind is the scene of the crime

My psychic abilities are very acute today.  So if you’re thinking any ill toward me, I suggest you stop it right now.  Otherwise you’re liable to get a mental smack-down and it’s impossible to tell how long it’ll take to … Continue reading

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amend resolutions

Be an unapologetically enthusiastic cheeseball about everything. (I’m doing fine on the enthusiastic front, but need to work more on the unapologetic part.) Eat tacos for dinner every night.  (We’ve ramped up our taco consumption to about 4 nights a … Continue reading

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My birthday is on July 22!  It is every year.  And, as much for myself as for you guys, I’ve made a wish list on for yarn and yarn accessories that I want to obtain eventually.  A gift of … Continue reading

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I’m feeling extremely powerful right now.  It’s the result of some uncharacteristic (and unintentional for the outcome) bold moves on my part.  Of course, because of blah-blah and durp-durp, I can’t put any details here.  Suffice it to say I … Continue reading

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I just spent an hour after work doing a pretty thorough inventory of my clothing in preparation for the fall.  I just wanted to know whether I need to buy cardigans or not.  Though in packing away all of the … Continue reading

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if you would like to get me a daylight savings time gift, please make it one of the bodum collection of double-walled glasses.  i’ve been coveting them since 2003 and, to this day, have never owned one.  i think they … Continue reading

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