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real deal

I’d written this long, somewhat self-loathing complainoblog about how now that I’m unemployed I’ve done nothing but sit on the couch and watch 30 Rock and eat all of the Christmas treats in the house all at once, but a) … Continue reading

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Sweater alert!

Oh, there are a lot of updates, but I’m racing my computer to dying (I’m winning), so I’ll keep it to the most important thing:  I’m knitting a new sweater.  I haven’t knit a sweater since last year’s and that … Continue reading

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So we’re moving August 1!  That’s not the only thing that’s been happening, but it is a big thing.  We’ve been in one spot – in one room, effectively – for the 5 5/6 years we’ve lived here.  And while … Continue reading

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I’m going on Saturday to help my parents move some furniture into their new home-away in Blue Grass, VA.  It’s supposed to be cold and rainy, but I’m not opposed to trudging in the sludge if necessary.  I’ve been working … Continue reading

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I started a secret project in a yarn called Borealis.  It’s a simple project that moves fast and is extremely satisfying.  Every time I make something new I want to keep it for myself, which I think is a good … Continue reading

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Here’s one

I took a couple of photo booth photos of my sweater just to have something to show you guys (I’m even getting bored of myself here).  Here’s one: And you can find the rest here.  Maybe one day (maybe a … Continue reading

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Just have to wait

I was going to photograph the sweater this weekend because it’s beautiful weather outside, but I decided to wash it.  I guess, despite the fact that I love it and never want to take it off, it’s not immune to … Continue reading

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Sweater’s done.  I finished it almost 2 weeks ago.  I’ve been wearing it basically constantly ever since.  I made a button switch – the tiny buttons kept falling out of the holes – to buttons that are almost comically large, … Continue reading

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One sleeve down, one more sleeve and a neckband to go.  Osiris estimated that I would be done with the sweater by Friday.  I’m not entirely sure about that, but it’s good to have his confidence.  That would mean I’d … Continue reading

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Worn out

My brain is fatigued.  This week has been one of the hardest professional weeks ever for me while we gear up for end-of-season events and a big office move.  I’ve been working on the sweater on the off time, but … Continue reading

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