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It’s happening!  Allergies this year have been less severe than in recent years past.  I don’t know why that is.  Maybe I’m evolving?  That’s probably it.  I’m evolving into a superhuman. So upward I look! Are there more of my … Continue reading

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oh right

I forgot summer was supposed to end tonight.

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I know as well as anyone that it’s hard to keep a good attitude when it’s been >90˚ with no significant rain for something like 17 days in a row, but man.  People have just been acting bitchy.  I know … Continue reading

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in case you missed it

It’s summer, basically! Find a spot in the shade to call your own.

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My mind is working overtime on things both factual and fictional.  I need to remember that it’s daytime and I’m no longer in nightmare/stress dream town like I was last night.  An outdoor reading lunch is in order.

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quick mention

I went for a lunchtime walk today to celebrate it being in the 60s and oh-so sunny outside.  I made an effort to make eye contact with and smile at everyone I passed on the trail.  I got about an … Continue reading

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I’ve been working on things with my hands recently.  It feels really good.  And while I like to write (online and on paper), sometimes making beautiful things for beautiful people is necessary.  I’m in a good mood despite the weather, … Continue reading

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sometime soon

I miss the beach.  And though it’s only been gone for a couple of days, I miss the sun, too.  I took a sweaty bike ride and got some crafting materials.  I x-actoed and glued some long overdue mailings.  But … Continue reading

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getting to beach time

I’ve been having some personal hard times, mostly biological (lady things), but I’ve been loving the sun.  The weather’s been hot some days and perfect some days, but it’s been sunny for a week and I can’t get enough of … Continue reading

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i told you

It is winter and spring at the same time.  So evergreens and buds live side by side and inspire a harmony of thought and action that even I didn’t think was possible.  I never quite think anything is 100% possible.  … Continue reading

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