So we’re moving August 1!  That’s not the only thing that’s been happening, but it is a big thing.  We’ve been in one spot – in one room, effectively – for the 5 5/6 years we’ve lived here.  And while we don’t have much in the way of stuff that you’d normally think would fill a whole apartment (like a couch, or pots and pans), we have still managed to accumulate a lot of things.  Not least among it is dust.

But, like I said, moving is not the only thing happening.  What would normally be the summer doldrums at work has taken on a whole new level of activity (read: anxiety), so that keeps things interesting.  I’m working on something for a not-so-secret secret graffiti public art work.  Osiris is only a couple weeks from ending summer school, and only several weeks from starting the fall semester, just totally obliterating every class.  The last Harry Potter movie comes out tomorrow night and that is a legitimate obligation.  You see?  So much!

And in addition to all of that, I have to make time to keep dancing to this song.  I don’t know how I’m ever going to handle it all.

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Who even knows

Whew.  You know what’s annoying?  Apartment hunting.  And having to be an adult with all the ambition and progress that comes along with it.  Overall, it’s been a struggle to fully invest and just give in to being an adult about things and not just assume that life is going to sort itself out without any sort of effort.  Laziness is a hard habit to break.

Meanwhile, I’m watching the South Carolina episode of No Reservations.  Exotic!  He’s also confused about where pineapples as a sign of hospitality came from.  That was all we could talk about in Williamsburg last weekend.   So many pineapples!  What do pineapples have to do with Williamsburg other than, maybe, the diversity of the empire?  “Welcome to a British colony!  Yeah, we got pineapples.  Eat it.”

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Skip the Hippie built a boat inside of a house

Skip the Hippie used to live in this house.

It’s on a property on the west side of Lantz Mountain in Virginia that is owned by some people who live in California.  Skip built a sailboat inside of the house.

Skip was a social misfit, a hermit, who didn’t get out much.  His boat definitely didn’t get out much.  It’s in remarkable shape.  I don’t really know how long ago  he built the boat.  The boat looks brand new, but his house is dilapidated.  It could’ve been left there for 5 years or 20.  I haven’t gotten the whole story, but I intend to next time I’m in Blue Grass.

What I do know of the story is that after Skip the Hippie finished his boat, he took off along the Appalachian Trail on a scooter (possibly a moped).  His scooter was unlicensed and he got pulled over in Tennessee for one thing or another.  Not wanting to get dragged downtown and not one for understanding proper social behavior, he reached for a gun.  The police shot him and he died.  So now Skip the Hippie is somewhere else entirely while his boat sits in his house, awaiting the flood.

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I’m going on Saturday to help my parents move some furniture into their new home-away in Blue Grass, VA.  It’s supposed to be cold and rainy, but I’m not opposed to trudging in the sludge if necessary.  I’ve been working on a blanket for them on and off since January and I’m 5/6 of the way done with it.  When I bought the yarn, they only wound 5 of the 6 skeins I got, just in case I wanted to return one, despite my telling them that it was a blanket and the more yarn, the better (for those of you who care, it is Cascade Eco Duo 1704).   But it worked out for the best, because when I saw my parents at the beach a few weeks ago, they gifted me with this wonderful new swift:

So I was able to use it to wind the last skein of yarn that I’m using for their blanket.  It feels good to complete the cycle.  I was hoping to bust ass and get it done before going up there, but it needs to be blocked and I’m not even done knitting yet, so I might try to finish it while I’m there this weekend and leave it to block so it’s ready for the next time they go.   It’s big enough now that I can sit under it while I knit and that is one of the best feelings.  Oh, comfort.

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Ugh.  Being an adult is hard!  Why didn’t anyone ever tell me?  I just wish I could listen to this song and have o)->’s yelps get Lulu’s attention in an adorable way all day long instead of working and trying to figure out the future.

And just for good measure, even though we’ve gone over this before, here is something else to indulge my sudden and occasional need for Prince.  Also the beginning of this is hilarious.

I need to learn to exert my impulses on the internet, where they belong.

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shoulda never gave me technology

I got an iPhone so now I can just write whatever the hell my gut tells me to. You’re in for some garbage.

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monday warmup

This morning I’ve been using a combination of and youtube to listen to some new music and maybe break out of a musical brain fart I’ve been in for a couple of weeks (I started working on a mix that is completely uninspired and unoriginal, so I scrapped it).  But anyway I saw this video and I thought I’d share it.  I’ve got mixed feelings about the music itself, due largely to environmental factors, I’m sure.  But this video is about the cutest thing.

Sure, there is an element of gimmickry in having pretty girls dressed in vintage dresses playing funny instruments in some sort of drama club storage closet, but it is also very charming.  I like to imagine them on Lawrence Welk, on an Arctic Circle themed episode.   I like to imagine a whole audience of blue haired old ladies, swaying reverently.

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It’s happening!  Allergies this year have been less severe than in recent years past.  I don’t know why that is.  Maybe I’m evolving?  That’s probably it.  I’m evolving into a superhuman.

So upward I look! Are there more of my kind on earth?  More superhumans, developing – at the rapid rate of gradually over several years! – skills that are barely noticeable and/or barely pertinent.  I hope so.

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Humans can be crappy.  They can be gross and negligent and evil and stupid.  But ohhhh sometimes they can be pure magic.

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Oh, whoops.  I forgot about blogging.  I’m not dead or anything, I’ve just been very boring.  Apparently, the entire series of Roseanne being on Netflix Instant isn’t good for my recreational internet time and/or thoughtful introspection.  Also, general business and busy-ness keeps me out of here.  Excuses!  Only the most productive use of your time (you can thank me later).

We’ve been listening to old R&B and soul love songs and hanging out at home a lot, due mostly to Operation: Save All The Money and O’s grueling 7-day schedule.  The Bradford Pears exploded this week, but I’m too resigned to really hate them this year.  It’s the circle of life and this is the arc of the circle when I can’t really breathe comfortably and my throat routinely fills up with snot.  Ho hum, right?

Anyway, life could be summed up thusly:

It’s off to Atlanta tomorrow morning, for a slightly whirlwind but utterly necessary mini-vacation.  I predict an NBA game and walking around exotic locales (the Coke factory?).  I’m just looking forward to exposure to new and exciting allergens.  My adventurous nature never ceases to amaze, I’m sure.

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