elements of song

If you were to build a song for me, include any (or all!) of the following and you are near-guaranteed I will like it.

  • Body noises
    • Hand claps
    • Snaps
    • Whistles
  • Four on the floor
  • Really complicated percussion tracks
  • Surprise steel drums
  • All horns but sax
  • Emotionally wrought string parts
  • Toys used as instruments
  • Idiosyncratic vocals
  • Extremely agile vocals
  • Proper grammar
  • Songs that don’t really end, but just stop
  • Songs that get to the point
  • Songs that sound like they are from the past/future
  • Concept albums
  • Lyrical content:
    • Transportation
      • Airplanes
      • Trains
      • Boats
    • Food
    • Dance moves
    • School subjects/nerd stuff
      • Canonical literature
      • History
      • Obscure scientific facts
    • Animal fights
    • Pride
    • Dee-dee-dees, la-la-las, ooh-wa-oohs

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one world at a time.
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