Osiris called me at work this morning to tell me a little tidbit from an article he read in the Independent about the al pastor meat he’s been consuming in abundance at Chubby’s Tacos.  Via wikipedia:

Al pastor (Spanish; “Shepherd style”) is a dish developed in Northern Mexico, likely as a result of the adoption of the shawarma spit-grilled meat brought by Lebanese immigrants to Mexico.

Duh.  Which leads me to the question of the day – Is there anything [good]  in this world that hasn’t secretly been created or influenced by Lebanese people?

One of Osiris’s favorite stories to tell about my grandmother is from the first (or maybe second) time he ever spent any quantity of time with her.  She comes from a Lebanese family who settled in Newfoundland, along with apparently a whole crapload of other Lebanese families.  O asked her how the Lebanese made their way all the way to Newfoundland (let’s be honest, it’s not really a natural relocation spot, even from a war-torn country) and she responded, “Well, they came over from Labrador.”  We still don’t know how (or why) they got to Labrador, but somehow that seems beside the point now.

So when I asked O on the phone how the Lebanese wound up in Mexico, he answered, “They came over from Honduras.”


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