yesterday, we ventured over to exotic carrboro for benefit for esten, a musical celebration and fund raiser for local cool kid and rockers’ son esten maxwell’s ongoing struggle with (and triumph over) leukemia.

it was an all-day affair with music for all ages, and overall it was a super positive vibe in the cat’s cradle.  we went early to see jimmy magoo  and baron von rumblebuss.  the place was swarming with little kids and hot moms and dads (some of them were smoking hot), and then i turned around and saw these two little warriors:

then we went off to a yard sale way too late to get anything good, then i came home and took a nap and woke up grumpy, then we went back to the cradle for midtown dickens and tom maxwell to finish up the night.  i was still kind of grumpy when i went to bed, like a toddler, so i guess i kind of fit in.  overall, though, i feel pretty good about yesterday.

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4 Responses to benefit

  1. carol says:

    i was wondering what that chair was doing in the arcade room!
    you’re cute when your grumpy, just like a kid!

  2. apheckel says:

    i felt moderately like a creep taking the picture, but i talked to the mom and she seemed thrilled that we were so charmed by her kid. adorable!

  3. Ben says:

    That reminds me of the movie “Toys” with Robin Williams.

  4. apheckel says:

    i saw toys in the theater on my birthday in whatever year it came out. i didn’t get it.

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