get into the groove

Oh man, you guys.  I am on a roll.  We went to Becky, Thom and Ben’s house for an impromptu cookout feast and friends gathering, which was simply awesome.  We went dancing two nights in a row, Saturday more successfully than Friday (I was still feeling the wine from earlier in the night). I finished knitting a shawl, which I looooove, and then put it on a hanger to chill until like October.  I started another shawl immediately, that might turn into more of a kerchief, depending on how much yarn I have and its intended recipient.  Knitting big things makes me want an apartment with a spare bed (or floor) to lay stuff out on.  I received my new computer, transferred all my music to it and started on a mix for myself as well as one in cooperation with O.  This song is on both of them:

Welcome to summer.  It’s time to get ahead.

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