We saw Inception last night.  It was really intense.  As with most things, it’s really difficult for me to formulate or vocalize an opinion on something right after I watch or listen to it, or if I have only watched or listened to it once.  But Inception has really stuck with me since I saw it.  Anyone who has had their daytime mood drastically altered by feelings in dreams, I think, will get a lot out of it.

As a film, it does a great job of getting across its greater themes by entwining them in an impossible heist plot.  Plus, it’s just exciting.  But on a visceral level, it can be really disarming to see things that you experience in a very lonely way (like dreams, or the way dreams affect you afterward) presented to you by a stranger, which is where this film gets its power and other mind-fuck films (offhand, Mullholland Dr. or Eternal Sunshine) get theirs.  Each individual then has their chance to color what’s been presented to them with personal experiences and feelings.  So then what is a universal truth – that we all dream, or want to forget something, or envy others – confronts you in a way that engages you as a viewer during the movie and makes you consciously address those issues on your own after the fact.  So, yeah, I highly recommend it.  Plus it just looks pretty.

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2 Responses to inception

  1. Charlotte says:

    I really appreciate your review. The lingering feeling of this movie really is like the lingering feeling after a really intense dream. It’s haunting, in such a beautiful way.
    My family and I were reading the bad reviews yesterday, trying to understand what anyone could possibly find wrong with this film. Every poor review either mentioned a lack of emotional content- which makes absolutely no sense if you paid even the slightest attention to Leonardo Dicaprio, Marion Cotillard, or Cillian Murphy’s performances- or a confusing, overly smart plot, which, let’s be honest, only reveals the reviewer as an idiot, because the story is masterfully told.
    I would be sad to speak to anyone who did not get the beauty that is every aspect of this film.

    • apheckel says:

      I find the emotional impact of this film has actually increased in the time since I’ve seen it and since I’ve had a chance to think about it and talk to O about it. But there are a lot of people who don’t put much, if any, stock in their dreams or rarely remember their dreams or just don’t spend much time inside their own heads. I can definitely understand how someone like that wouldn’t get some of the underlying, simmering, emotional content of the film and just see a confusing action movie with too many things going on simultaneously.

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