pardon me!

i never did talk about my birthday, did i? don’t worry, this is just an effort to stretch out my birthday as far as i possibly can. on sunday, july 22, i turned a score and four years old. on the preceding friday, i threw a little party for myself. it was lovely, wonderful, everything you could ask for in a birthday party and probably the best birthday party i’ve ever had.  it was not even entirely my birthday party (though i like to take credit for everything).  part of it, if you look below, was to revive the hidden temple, revamped and renewed with a fresh batch of fresh young faces (and one old, fresh face).  if you were there, i hope you had a good time. if you weren’t there, i missed you and maybe we can celebrate when we’re together again. i hope that’s soon!

please, take your time this week and enjoy it.

revive, originally uploaded by lift off yellow.

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