build a home for yourself

back when i was a part of the williamsburg documentary project, right at the beginning of the project, professor knight had us write about our favorite places in williamsburg. i wrote about presidents park at midnight because i thought it would be funny, and it was. but since then i’ve been thinking about place differently. and a place isn’t a fixture and a place isn’t always in the same space as it was the day before. and a place is an idea and a set of circumstances.

home wouldn’t be home without o and without lyle and even without jason. it’s not the same place today as it was when joel lived here. but i really like to think about places in one instant, in one moment that really means everything. i will only ever think about presidents park at midnight. i will only ever think about osiris, julio and atlanta’s place on stockley gardens on a sunday morning before cora brunch. i will only ever think about the local 506 during the first time i saw four tet. i don’t mean when i think about how i’m missing neil hamburger right now to sit here on the couch, but i mean for eternity, in the long term, in the broad scheme of things, once i’ve left this physical space behind.

i like to think about homes.

weave a little one. home is a sticky place and also a flexible place. and it’s a place where you can keep what you need to keep and let go what you need to let go.

keep your self at home.

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