once more

i have been so excited for white denim that once it’s done (tonight, 10, hell), i’m going to have to scramble for something else to look forward to.  isn’t that the nature of it?  i will spend my time hyping halloween, my grandma’s 80th birthday and lyle’s 50th.  i will have a wonderful time in asheville with the mister and the new pornographers and i will try to make the most of the down time in between. 

yesterday, i was in observation mode.  there were 2 trees full of invisible birds that sounded like the birds.  the amtrak, as it neared the RR crossing, gave a horn like an osiris fart.  there was a skinny man walking down the median on 15-501 who, in the middle of a stride, and with a completely straight face, pumped his fist like victory.

plus, this lady came over to visit last week:

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1 Response to once more

  1. I want to hear all about the new pornographers. i heard neko was there… i think i am doomed to never see her!

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