I’m hatching plans.  I bought a book of 400 knitting stitches and plan on teaching myself a lot of them (or at least the ones I find interesting) over the course of the next month.  I want to expand my vocabulary to the point where I’m comfortable in all facets and can eventually start to create more complex pieces of my own, instead of simply following other people’s patterns.  This is where I’m focusing my knitting energies while it is absurdly hot outside.  Then hopefully I’ll have enough swatches of different patterns that I can make a quilt.  Or a washcloth or whatever.

The long term goal is to make things awesome enough that I would feel good charging money for them.  I spent some time on etsy yesterday eyeballing the knitwear on there and I think I have something to contribute, once I’m able to find a clear voice and stockpile some finished items, not to mention just sharpen my skills and get at least, like, 30% faster.

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4 Responses to hm

  1. Becky says:

    Fantastic! I can’t wait to see your creations. I’ll be knitting with you in spirit since my shoulder won’t allow such things. I would love it if you would post pictures of the different stitches along the way. I could live vicariously through you!

    • apheckel says:

      Oh my gosh. I got some Cascade Magnum at Cozy yesterday and now I’m extremely excited about giant cables that I won’t even be able to wear until like November. And all sorts of squishy Malabrigo. MMMM you should just come roll around in my yarn stash.

  2. Osiris says:

    I think that you’re pretty cool.

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