vacation, part two

crap!  only two days of vacation left!  and all i’ve done is hang out with my family, knit, drink, hang out with friends and play games.  just kidding!  best vacation ever!

the rundown: sunday, monday and tuesday were all relax and detox days.  i watched the first two discs of the first season of boston legal, which was outstanding.  i might go rent the rest of the first season and watch it today and continue to knit up some wintertime presents.  wednesday i drove to near-charlottesville for family good times, toilet humor and card games.  there was canasta, phase 10 and rook.  we also played carrom, which i remember from childhood being really fun but in adulthood was kind of irritating and hard to play.  maybe because the board was dusty, or because my fingernails have gotten more sensitive as i’ve grown older or for some other reason, it was a challenge.

there was also ping-pong, some dogs, some old home movies from thanksgiving and christmas 1988 where everyone was about exactly the same as they are now except maybe more awkward, food (duh), drinks and relative family harmony, all blessings in the first degree!

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