i’m feeling all kinds of warm and loved today as a carry-over from this weekend.  i think we actually had more distant loved ones hang out than we have for the entire time we’ve lived in chapel hill.  it felt so good.  charlotte and zero even came back through town last night and hung out for a while.  we all got smacked around by heroes, bad brains, 24 and lawrence welk’s dance moves.  they also got half my kombucha culture, which makes me happy.

we also discovered on saturday that working in restaurants for long periods of time gets you pretty good treatment at restaurants.  respect for the job is essential.  we got the ballin’est booth at revolution, the cutest waiter and visits from most members of the wait and kitchen staff who could break away for even a minute.  i realize that valentine’s day is maximum marketing day, but it still felt so good.  they took good care of us, like family.  and the asian girl from ace of cakes was apparently also there.  as were local dj, ben, and his wife.  it was a winning combination of great service, tight food and cute light fixtures.

photo via fq

photo via fq

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3 Responses to revolve

  1. Alison E.B. says:

    Dude! I was asleep when Charlotte and Zero got home, but I woke up to half of your kombucha culture in the kitchen. I’m so stoked.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Come to Baltimore soon.

    The end!

  2. charlotte says:

    It was super fun and comfy hanging out on Monday. I’m especially glad we had a chance to watch Heroes together. Thanks again so much for the kombucha, sister!

  3. apheckel says:

    both of you ladies are more than welcome! i hope you enjoy it! it should be ready to sip on monday or tuesday!

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