okay, so

I love it when rappers use “too” and “also” in their raps.  I don’t know why.  I just laugh so hard every time.  Or maybe it’s just when Timbaland does it.  My two favorite flows of his both illustrate this point:

Hilarious!  Maybe it’s just because Timbaland’s flows always sound pretty uncomfortable, and adding “too” and “also” just kind of makes him seem like he’s in a job interview or other awkwardly stressful situation.  Or maybe it’s just because he (and by extension every other resident of Hampton Roads [current or former]) is a genius.

uh huh.

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1 Response to okay, so

  1. s.carter says:

    you are so right dude! my fav t. is “i don’t own a big ol’ house i rent a room in a house!”

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