don’t hate

We spent this afternoon eating tacos and floats, getting comics, shopping vintage and being together.  It was a day full of things I love, and I still let my mood be crappy.  I got mad at the city of Raleigh for the same terrible signage problem I’ve gotten mad at them for in the past.  I was sleepy and jealous that I had to drive and so couldn’t nap in the car.  My eyeballs hurt from dust and pollen.  I had a caffeine headache.  And other complaints.

But now that I’ve been able to take a nap on the couch, wash the sheets and flip the mattress on the bed and just be still for a minute, I’m looking back on it as a great day.  The weather was perfect, the company was awesome and I got a new (old) scarf with pretty flowers all over it.  I wore a strapless dress without incident and thought ahead with sunscreen.  I read a few pages of a Sherlock Holmes story and am super impressed with how efficient a writer Arthur Conan Doyle was.  Seriously inspirational.  The ladies at the table next to us at Chubby’s Tacos were talking mad shit on their associates.  The comic book guy and O bantered about putting boogers into all the comics (free booger with purchase).  O wanted to buy a velvet painting of a rottweiler but didn’t.  I eventually found the interstate and got us home, even though it was a bit of a struggle.

I’ve been trying to count my blessings daily so I don’t get overwhelmed by little annoyances that have a tendency to pile up into tiny mountains to scale on my road to a good mood.  Sometimes it takes extra mindfulness because I have a natural tendency toward cynicism, if not full-on pessimism.  But these days things are looking up, so I should also be.

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  1. apheckel says:

    I got done with this post and then read my horoscope. Funny jokes:

    You can get overwhelmed pretty easily today — maybe too much so! It’s a good time for you to just kick back and let others handle the hardest stuff. You should be back in the game right away.

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