amend resolutions

  1. Be an unapologetically enthusiastic cheeseball about everything. (I’m doing fine on the enthusiastic front, but need to work more on the unapologetic part.)
  2. Eat tacos for dinner every night.  (We’ve ramped up our taco consumption to about 4 nights a week on average.  Chubby’s is still the best, though we could stand to make more in-home tacos and go out less.)
  3. Don’t spend any more money on skirts or dresses.  (It’s been hard, but I’ve made it about a month, I think.  Though by all means, if you would like to buy me a dress, feel free to do so.)
  4. Have fun on summer vacation.  (Working on it, though the stifling heat is a hurdle.  So is money, but I’m working on that, too.)
  5. Learn all the new knitting stitches.  (I got caught up making two of the same shawl [which I love], but I’m starting a new cowl using the super fluffy and super pink alpaca yarn that the Housel-Kenneys got me [hooray!] and trying out another new stitch pattern.)
  6. Make and sell knitwears with confidence.  (I’m stockpiling right now.  I love a lot of what I’ve made this summer and would not feel like a fraud if I sold it, which is saying a lot.  I might need help on branding.)
  7. Read all the Sherlock Holmes stories.  (I’m powering through them, but whew, it is some dense reading.  I might not finish them before summer is through, but I’ve got a week at the beach coming up and nothing says oceanside reading like 1200 pages of dank and dusty British mystery stories and novellas.)

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1 Response to amend resolutions

  1. Natalie says:

    I’ve also been dropping some serious dust on some dresses. However, while I knew about modcloth and anthropologie…I did NOT know about NeedSupply. Thanks a lot, Alison. Thanks.
    Check it: As far as your knitwears…I got an A in my Fashion Product Development class at ODU. I might be able to help you out, but I would definitely hit up friends with etsy accounts first.

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