Skip the Hippie built a boat inside of a house

Skip the Hippie used to live in this house.

It’s on a property on the west side of Lantz Mountain in Virginia that is owned by some people who live in California.  Skip built a sailboat inside of the house.

Skip was a social misfit, a hermit, who didn’t get out much.  His boat definitely didn’t get out much.  It’s in remarkable shape.  I don’t really know how long ago  he built the boat.  The boat looks brand new, but his house is dilapidated.  It could’ve been left there for 5 years or 20.  I haven’t gotten the whole story, but I intend to next time I’m in Blue Grass.

What I do know of the story is that after Skip the Hippie finished his boat, he took off along the Appalachian Trail on a scooter (possibly a moped).  His scooter was unlicensed and he got pulled over in Tennessee for one thing or another.  Not wanting to get dragged downtown and not one for understanding proper social behavior, he reached for a gun.  The police shot him and he died.  So now Skip the Hippie is somewhere else entirely while his boat sits in his house, awaiting the flood.

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3 Responses to Skip the Hippie built a boat inside of a house

  1. Carolyn Deans says:

    I have some questions…

  2. Mark Brown says:

    HB and I knew Skippy very well.. Knew him for 18 yrs till the LEO’s killed him…
    You should have seen the cross bow and other things that he made…
    Plus another catamaran that he sailed from VA Beach to Ocracoke Island..
    The chain saw was one of ours that he turned into a planer .. and was also the motor for his moped…
    Skippy ate with us a few times .. Plus would help with the hay in the fields.. and paint roofs and scrap homes…
    We both HB and I have many tales about Skippy….
    PS every thing Skippy made was with out normal power tools…

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